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  1. Namibia And Botswana Camping Safari. Helping Dreamers Do

    A camping holiday in Sri Lanka lets you get up-close and personal with Mother Nature. Apart from elephants the park holds various other types of wild animals Monitor lizards, Sambar deer, Wild boar, Common Langurs, Jackals, Toddy cats and many others along with almost 183 species of birds.Along with visual treat of wild animals there also stretched greenery, bushy lands and the sight of the Ulgala peak visible from the western side of the park.

    Each night, bask under a million stars ...
  2. Very Happy today

    I have my old friend BxD helping out with JavaStrong. He has been a great reliable friend through the years. Thank you BxD and cant wait to get this all up and running =D
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  3. JavaStrong

    JavaStrong is starting up and working to become a power house.

    Server Base will be Apollo using 317 client. We are going to stay with out roots here.

    We also have a Apollo Server that uses the real 530 client. thanks to Graham for getting almost 100% of the data to operate the client properly.

    We are putting our main focus on the 317 client and look forward to enjoying the game experience.

    Thank you for reading more to come soon.
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